Nutritional Therapy

One of the main focuses of Beemer Back Center is to provide a source for vitamins, whole food supplements, and nutritional support that is effective, clean, and affordable.

It is our belief that all these companies offer nutritional supplements that can optimize the wellbeing and overall health of our patients.

All of these supplements qualify as whole foods, many are extracted from vegetables in their most nutritionally strong sprouts stage, and almost all are certified organically grown.

NutriWest is 100% organic and is recognized as a standard in the industry.About time offers a chemical free protein powder that not only supplements the body’s need for protein but also contains needed fiber.

It is difficult if not downright impossible to eat enough food to satisfy the needs of our bodies today. Soils have been depleted, processed foods can do more damage than good, and chemicals are added to everything. Supplements are an easy, inexpensive, and necessary way to improve one’s diet. Our bodies require proper nutrition. That nutrition is often just a few tablets away.

  • Nordic Naturals
  • About Time
  • Douglas Labs
  • Olympian Labs
  • NutriWest
  • Des Bio
  • Formula 303
  • Bio Freeze
  • Chinese Herbs
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